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SHARE Symposium 2012 - Attendee Comments

"AMAZING THREE DAYS!! Everyone involved in an after-abortion ministry should have come and benefitted from the wealth of experience, IF they are truly concerned about bringing healing to all the wounded left behind after abortion!"
~ Diane Sellers, LMFT, The IRMA Network, Visalia, CA

"I believe in what Stacy and ARIN are doing, trying to bring everyone together. It's very important as an abortion recovery movement that we stay united and together, using same language/wordage, locking arms with each other to accomplish our goal. We're all on the same team, none of us should be in competition with each other!"
~ Sheila Harper, SaveOne, Nashville, TN

"Great conference. I am now more aware of the different ways each ministry reaches the hurting. There were so many innovative ideas that I hadn't even thought of doing."
~ Jennifer Disney, Author, Up From The Ashes, Corona, CA

"Great opportunity to glean from leaders with great experiences."
~ Christine Flippin, The Alpha Center, Fort Collins, CO

"It reaffirmed for me, that women who have healed after a past abortion are the backbone of the abortion recovery effort. They are just the best; they are giving, humble, god-fearing and a great example to all."
~ Anne Hennessy, Right to Life League of Southern California, Pasadena, CA

"To feel uplifted and encouraged!!! I desired (and needed) to be around others who are working in and passionate about after-abortion recovery ministries. I longed to hear what others are creatively doing to increase awareness of and bring others (who are in need of) after-abortion care. Boy....did I leave encouraged and challenged. Full-plate faire was served up and gobbled up by this attendee. I am encouraged how God embraces our work. How He has connected us all together..... I feel less "lonely for the road"."
~ Lori Berg, When You Are Ready Ministries, Duarte, CA 

The diversity of the speaking panel was excellent. The quality of the presentations was greatly beneficial to anyone working in abortion recovery. Many of the scientific aspects of abortion and post-abortive trauma were very facinating and helpful in presenting when working in abortion recovery.
~ Eric Disney, Pastor, New Beginnings Community Church, Corona, CA

"The testimonies and personel life expirience of the presenters and facilitators encouraged me.. by seeing how God healed their lives and now are being used to help others."
~ Irma Gomez, Alternate Avenues, Montclair, CA

"The number and diversity of topics covered was excellent!"
~ Karen Jenkins, Forestville Pregnancy Center, Marlow Heights, MD

"It was everything that I had hoped it would be. I did gain much knowledge, information and resources that I have been able to share with others."
~ Katherine Veazie, Calvary Chapel, La Mirada, CA

"Amazingly superb! Not a wasted minute in 3 days. Great opportunity to hear of others ideas, struggles, victories. We realized that no matter where we are ministering, it is very similar. The greatest group of unselfish, loving-caring people gathered together at their own expense to help others!
~ Debra Ellett, El Centro Pregnancy Center, El Centro, CA

"Great venue for encouraging words, new ideas, feeling one in the Spirit!"
~ Donna Dunagan, After Abortion Recovery, San Diego, CA

"I was blessed to interact with other leaders to learn, grow, and encourage each other. The setting was gorgeous, the program informative and encouraging, the networking and relationships built will last a lifetime."
~ Carol Cygan, Riverside, CA

"Loved every minute of it. You must go and learn and share ... you will know more when you leave, than when you came. We must all work together and this is an awesome way to do so."
~ Jan Lupia, Heartbeat at 22, Palm Desert, CA

"It was the most productive few days I've spent in a long time. I learned so much. I felt embraced. Never before have I ever experienced spiritual warfare like I did to get to the ARIN SHARE Symposium. It was worth every battle; every penny. Amazing!"
~ Sandy Arena, The Life Ballet, NY

"This a great channel of information for those involved in the Pro life movement.  The cheerful spirit of those who organized the event were the best aspects for me personally.  I was very impressed by Stacy; in the midst of her trial (her father's open heart surgery) she performed wonderfully. God answered prayer after prayer. To God be the glory!!!"
~ Lupe Bineoder, New Life Beginnings Church, Corona, CA

"I was so glad I attended. I have attended many conferences, trainings and seminars including Heartbeat/ILS, however, this was the one of the best if not the best gathering I've been to since I started working in the crisis pregnancy movement/abortion recovery. I wished many more people would have been able to attend. I believe aspects of the symposium should be at every Christian/Pro-Life conference and training. I will highly recommend any trainings, etc. ARIN puts together the quality and information was EXCELLENT. Thanks to Stacy for putting together "quality" and seeing beyond the box and the bigger picture. I look forward to the next Symposium, hopefully, it's not far off. The education far out weighed the cost. The symposium was worth every penny!  May I suggest possibly doing one day trainings at least twice a year (one designed especially for faith leaders)!"
~  Rachel Fallorina, Whittier Pregnancy Care Center, Whittier, CA

SHARE Symposium 2009 - Attendee Comments

"Great brainstorming"    
   ~ Debbie Henagan, Louisiana

"Excellent! Mutual encouragement and education."
   ~ Lynn Coles, Northern Ireland

"Great vehicle for keeping ministries up to date."
   ~ Dane Wren, Florida

"Excellent opportunity for discussion and networking."
   ~ Margaret Cuthill, United Kingdom

"Loved it. Very helpful and informative."
   ~ Marisa Maese, California

"Need more breaks and chocolate. :) "
   ~ Sheila Harper, Tennessee

"This was fantastic!!  Want more than one day."
   ~ Janet Pilkerton, Maryland

"What a blessing to network with all these amazing individuals who have gone before me. I learned so much and came away with so many great ideas. I could hardly wait to get back to my leaders and share all that I have gleaned." 
   ~ Pam Malchow, California

"Presenters were excellent, materials were excellent. So much useful information." 

   ~ Marcia Schexnider, Louisiana

"Special thanks for setting the awesome spiritual tone and atmosphere. The Symposium was helpful, challenging and informative"
   ~ Mirian Mitten, Pennsylvania

"Loved the "playing in the sandbox" and marketing presentations. It's totally amazing how humble the ARIN staff (Stacy) are - willing to share resources - goal is truly helping people heal - ego is taken out. How refreshing and encouraging. Thank you!"
   ~ Jo Balsamo, Texas

"Size of the room = good. Acoustics = good. Speakers = excellent. Sense of humor = wonderful. Information = outstanding. Warmth of people = such a blessing! Thank you so much for your fun sense of humor and wonderful gift of love and joy extended to all of us."
   ~ Ginny Keblusek, Texas

"This was SO good and a wealth of information.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and gathered much knowledge from this. I wanted more!  Thank you very much.  We are joining ARIN now.  I've been a director for 10 1/2 years of a 25 year old Pregnancy Center... I wish I had had this years ago! Awesome."
   ~ Denise Miller, Florida

"Thanks, a wonderful and professional job of organizing and moderating." 

   ~ Catherine Coyle, RN, Ph.D., Wisconsin

"Attending the 2009 ARIN conference gave me the opportunity to learn more about working in recovery, brush up on what I did know and network with others doing the same. The experience gave me a tangible sense of being a part of something much bigger than any of us; a part of a movement in our nation & the world."
   ~ Laurie Wren, L.C.S.W., Florida 

"I thought it was excellent. Absolutely awesome. Please do this again!" 
   ~ Confidential Name, Indiana




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