Tuesday, March 31, 2020
Where To Review and/or Obtain Resources

Healing A Father's Heart
Linda Cochrane
Practical information to help hurting men work through the stages of post-abortion syndrome and find comfort in the reassurance of God's love and acceptance.

House of Essau
Rev. Scott Miller
The House of Esau Manual, written by a post-abortive father, details a potential process designed to bring alleviation to some of the stresses experienced by a father who has lost a child to abortion.

Missing Arrows - Fatherhood Lost
Warren Williams and Life Issues Institute
Now tools are available for men to actively counsel men in crisis as a result of abortion. Fatherhood Lost, Suggested Guidelines In Leading A Bible Study. This manual for men is an instructional guide to facilitate a group Bible study, general group counseling sessions or counseling one-on-one.

Rachel's Vineyard for Men
Kevin Burke and Theresa Burke, Ph.D.

Kurt Ramspott
A ten-part study leading you from the hurts of your past and leading you to newfound freedom as a man of God. Experience the life-transforming power revealed in this amazing new study from Guys for Life International.

SaveOne for Men
Sheila and Jack Harper
SaveOne: The Men’s Study is for men seeking deliverance from the pain and guilt of an abortion experience. This is a guide as well as a workbook, researched and written by a woman who herself had an abortion when she was a teenager. For seven years, author Sheila Harper carried with her the shame and humiliation of her abortion, only to find deliverance through Gods abundant Grace.

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