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Media Coverage for ARIN

Media coverage on behalf of Abortion Recovery InterNational (or on any of our programs or services) is listed below.

Newspaper / Magazine Articles:

The Press Enterprise January 23, 2004

University California Irvine January 2005

Irvine World New January 2005

Christian Examiner November 2005

Rick Warren - Saddleback Church Finding Healing through Post-Abortion Support Groups - Dec. 2006

Today's Pentecostal Evangel: Abortion Recovery Centers: the Next Phase of the ProLife Movement - August 31, 2008

Radio and Television Spots:

Radio: Life Redeemed - November 14-19, 2004 

Radio: Life Redeemed - July 4-15, 2005  

Television: Gospel of Life - August 14, 2005    

Television: Actual Reality Pictures - FX Network 30 Days: "The Pro Life / Pro Choice Documentary" August 23, 2006

Point of View Radio - Fall 2007

Other Than A Bandaide Productions: - April 9, 2008:
Joyce Zounis interviews ARIN President, Stacy Massey for Abortion Recovery Awareness Month.

Radio: Faith to Action:  September 15, 2008  Interview by Janet Folger of Stacy Massey and Georgette Forney
Topics:  The long-ranging effects of abortion on the women, siblings, and men

Listen - Real Audio Download MP3

Radio: September 25, 2008: Debbie Chavez interviews Stacy Massey on Recovering from Abortion.  Click on the September 25th date.


Point of View Radio: Carmen Pate interviews Stacy Massey re: Abortion Recovery Awareness Month 2009

Click here to access the file: March 31, 2009


Moody Radio: Interview with Stacy Massey and Janet Trenda re: Abortion Recovery Awareness Month 2009

Click here to access the MP3 file:  April 13, 2009-Part 2

Scroll down the page until you reach April 13, 2009 - Part 2


Also see media in reference to Abortion Recovery Awareness Month here



Media Contact

Members of the press and media may contact us for interviews, television or radio spots. 

by email

(949) 679-9276

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ARIN, Inc. and our affiliates encourage individuals and families affected by reproductive loss to have completed a recovery program PRIOR to
involving themselves in any type of speaking, leadership, legal, research or activism opportunity. See our Principles of Care for further information!

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