Tuesday, March 31, 2020

 International Leader Endorsements

Abortion Recovery InterNational (ARIN) is unique in its mission and its scope. ARIN has succeeded in building a network of organizations that provide abortion recovery services as well as in providing referral information for those hurt by a past abortion. We appreciate ARINs' commitment to promote healing on both an individual and a cultural level.

The Alliance for Post-Abortion Research & Training
Catherine T. Coyle, RN, PhD, International Forgiveness Institute
Vincent M. Rue, PhD, Institute for Pregnancy Loss
Priscilla K. Coleman, PhD, Bowling Green State University, OH

I am so thankful Abortion Recovery InterNational has joined our collective efforts of reaching out and ministering to fathers of aborted children. The compassion and love ARIN offers to these desperately hurting souls is yet another example of how God ministers to His people.

Bradley Mattes, MA
Life Issues Institute, Executive Director
Masters International School of Divinity, Faculty

Abortion Recovery InterNational draws together the rich lineage of many excellent ministries which are at the service of Christ in healing our culture. ARIN is a desperately needed and important project which provides an excellent resource to access information for referral, services and programs for those who have suffered the loss of a child through abortion and seek a safe and loving place to heal.

Theresa Burke, Ph.D., LPC, NCP
Rachel's Vineyard Ministries, Founder
Forbidden Grief - The Unspoken Pain of Abortion, Author
King of Prussia, PA

ARIN is helping make it easier for women and men wounded by abortion to find the many important, abortion recovery ministries that can transform and renew their lives.

David Reardon, Ph.D.
Elliot Institute, Director
Springfield, IL

Abortion Recovery InterNational is an idea that was a long time coming. For all our efforts in the post abortion arena to be put under one roof, so to speak, is an excellent tool for unity, but most importantly an incredible avenue for those who are hurting to find help.

Sheila L. Harper
Founder & President

Thanks for keeping our torch lit! Not only does ARIN serve as the lifeguard and throws out a life preserver, you also stand tall as the lighthouse.

Joyce Zounis
Beyond the Bandaid Radio Host
Voices of Truth Speakers Bureau

Being a professional counselor, speaker and post-abortive father who has a ministry that reaches out to those hurting from abortion, I enjoy partnering with ARIN. ARIN is like God's giant golf umbrella; it unites and covers a multitude of different abortion recovery ministries around the world, each uniquely designed to help men and women in their healing process.

Mark B. Morrow M.A., NCC, LPC, BCPCC
Bold Moves Ministry
McKean, Pa.

Abortion Recovery InterNational has worked tirelessly to bring together a network for those who are "called to help" and to those who are in "need.' Those in the field are always looking for more workers to help bring in the harvest. ARIN is part of the preparation work for abortion recovery workers to get ready for the great harvest. The men and women in need of abortion recovery will be looking for help and ARIN will be able to connect them to local recovery ministries. It is an extremely important time to build a united army that meets at the cross for marching orders. We may all wear different uniforms when out fighting, but we all receive our orders from the same King. Let us raise our swords together for those who are trapped in sin and grief, let our hearts cry be "United for Him."

Linda Cochrane, RN
Forgiven and Set Free, Author
Hopeline Pregnancy Centers, Executive Director
CareNet Abortion Recovery Director

We welcome Abortion Recovery InterNational to unite biblical post abortion ministries. Jesus prayed for us "…that [we] may become one and perfectly united…" (John17:23, AMP). We believe this is the essential key for fruitfulness of any Christian ministry. Oneness is the mark of the Father and the Son’s love shown to the world. Abortion recovery ministries have developed all over the world because the need is so great. ARIN will give us the ability connect with like minded ministries and allow us to refer clients to other areas. There is strength in numbers. As we network together we can learn from each other and grow in wisdom, calling each other to excellence. "…[M]ake my joy complete by being of the same mind, maintaining the same love, united in spirit, intent on one purpose…" Philippians 2:2. Our purpose is to offer the best opportunity for post abortion women and men to heal emotionally and spiritually. ARIN is a great resource to unify all of us in this purpose. May we see His glory.

Judy Cooter and Jeannie Stoner
Abortion Recovery Assistance, Co-Directors
Ministry of Piedmont Women’s Center
Facilitating Biblical Healing (Leadership manual for use with Forgiven and Set Free), Authors
Greenville, South Carolina

ARIN, your promotion of awareness and healing for those who have lost children by an abortion experience is a great service to everyone. Fathers who otherwise may have felt culturally disenfranchised to grief the loss of their fatherhood and their children taken by abortion, can find strength in the collective assurance that Abortion Recovery International has provided a consortium of organizations—ready to offer help and healing. As ARIN continues to bring unity to the healing ministries and make us all aware that Men can find help, Fathers can continue to find the comfort they have been looking for. Bless your efforts ARIN your work is a reward to many!

Warren Williams
Fathers and Brothers Ministries International, Founder
Missing Arrows—a Bible Study for Fatherhood Lost, Author

So grateful for the ministry that you have that helps aching souls after abortion.

Emeal Zwayne

180 Movie
Living Waters

Our nation came together for healing after the tragedy of September 11, 2001. The reason is easy to understand. The wound of that day touched the very depths of our humanity, and the only qualification one needed to come together in the healing effort was that one had to care about humanity. The wound of abortion on our nation is even greater than that of September 11. The victims are far more numerous, and the stakes are even higher. That’s why the time has come for even bolder efforts to bring people together to heal those wounded by abortion. That’s why the time has come for ARIN.

Abortion Recovery InterNational serves a need that I have observed for many years, and that many other leaders are interested in as well. It is reflected in the words of Pope John Paul II, who wrote in "The Gospel of Life" that "No single person or group has a monopoly on the defense and promotion of life. These are everyone’s task and responsibility." (#91). If someone has the gift to counsel compassionately and lead people to the forgiveness and peace of Christ, they have a responsibility not only to exercise that gift, but also to seek to collaborate with others who have similar gifts. ARIN is key in that effort, and that is why I give it my enthusiastic support.

Fr. Frank Pavone
Priests for Life, National Director
National Pro-life Religious Council, President

Our culture is still in denial that abortion can and does have devastating effects on many women and men. ARIN is helping to “fill the gap” by uniting people from all over the world together for one great purpose: to help those hurting after abortion. This powerful ministry is the ultimate resource for anyone seeking recovery to find caring, compassionate and understanding people. ARIN is truly a blessing for all.

Jason Baier
Fatherhood Forever Foundation, Inc.
Founder & President

In the day and age in which we live, where literally millions of individuals have been wounded by abortion, we must conclude that no one organization can possibly meet the needs that exist, thus we must unite our efforts to minister hope and healing to a hurting world. I believe ARIN has been called for a time such as this, to unite and network post-abortion ministry and service organizations around the world, in order to meet this great need. I commend ARIN for taking on this great task and for doing a tremendous job. I hope and pray that anyone offering post-abortion services will unite in this cause to help reach out to those who are hurting, working together until He comes!

Sue Liljenberg
Healing Hearts Ministries, International Director
Bonney Lake, Wisconsin

The conception and birth of ARIN is surely prayers answered. For over 22 years in ministry, we have been painfully aware of the need of such a network and directory. The saddest words I hear from women with abortion in her past "It's been over 15 years and I never knew there was anything that would help me be free of this debilitating guilt, shame and grief." As early as 1985, there were national and local after-abortion healing ministries reaching out to those hurting from abortion, yet, it seemed no one knew of these ministries. Most churches, pastors, Christian help organizations and individuals do not know about the over 30 after-abortion healing programs being offered by hundreds perhaps thousands of local, Christian ministries, today!

Abortion Recovery International and on-line directory, in less than a year’s existence, was making great strides in bringing Christian, after-abortion healing ministry to the forefront and has brought about a networking among ministry leaders that was only dreamed of 10 years ago!

Abortion is no respecter of religious beliefs and neither should be the knowledge and availability of healing ministry. It is said that 45% of all American women will experience at least one abortion. There are small studies that suggest over half of all women seeking abortion identify with a Christian church. It is also suggested that at the least 1.5% of all women who have abortion in their history will need intervention in dealing with disenfranchised grief, guilt and shame.

Christian after-abortion healing ministry is meeting the needs of thousands of women though seriously under-funded and under-supported. ARIN is playing a major role in making the public aware that after abortion ministry is 1) available, 2) needs to be supported. ARIN is playing a major role and could play an even greater role in education and availability of after-abortion healing ministry in the US and abroad.

Elizabeth Verchio
Victims of Choice, Executive Director, Naperville, IL




from ARIN affiliates:

Affiliate Endorsements

So thankful for what you are doing!
   ~Darlene Barber
     Abortion Recovery of Tifton, Tifton, GA

You have the best Abortion Recovery websites out there. Your passion and your compassion come through clearly. Contrary to many organizations who e-mail me, I LOVE hearing from ARIN.  It's not too much, not too little, it's JUST RIGHT!  Keep up the great work!
   ~ Suzette Greg
      First Care Family Resources, West Palm Beach, FL

I am very excited abut this opportunity to connect with other post abortion recovery groups and reach women seeking recovery.
   ~ Lulie Thomas
      Watermark Community Church, Dallas, TX

You all are awesome!  I love how you keep going and unite the rest of us!
   ~ Laurie Wren
      Reveille Ministry Counseling Center, Lake Mary, FL

I got an email the other day from a woman who was crying out for help from a past abortion which she said was destroying her family. I called her and talked with her for some time. I asked her how she got my information and she said she got it from surfing the internet, desperate for help. During her search, she ran across the AbortionRecovery.org site and found my information, along with others. She lives 5 hours away from me so I told her I would look for information in her area, but she said she also found two recovery sources on the website 45 minutes from her home. She hadn't contacted them yet, but took the information down. I encouraged her to contact them. Thanks be to God for the AbortionRecovery.org and for your hard work and dedication to this cause.
    ~ Karen Reynoso
       Renewed Hope Ministries, Founder, Norco, CA 

In Minnesota we are very fortunate to have a network of different abortion healing ministries working together. Now with Abortion Recovery InterNational (ARIN) our network has expanded around the world...this is a very much needed resource.
    ~ Ann Marie Cosgrove
       Silent No More Minnesota, President. Minneapolis, MN

Great to affiliate with you to help women in Ireland who need help after abortion!
    ~ Bernadette Goulding
       Rachel's Vineyard, Cork, Ireland

Your efforts to make Nation wide recovery available are awesome! I so appreciate all your efforts! Keep it up.
    ~ Carol Carlson
       Abortion Recovery Greensboro, Greensboro, GA

We respect the work you do and are blessed to become a member!
    ~ Sandy Muncy
       Salem Pregnancy Resource Center, Salem, OR

I am always refreshed when I come to the ARIN website!
    ~ Deb Ives
       Heartfelt Family Services, Shelby Township, MI

We greatly appreciate the eVoice newsletter!
    ~ Sandra Thompson
       Catholic Charities parish Social Ministry, Portland, ME

I appreciate so much that you were willing to refer to outside agencies to possibly help in training.
    ~ Lisa Flournoy
       Pregnancy Resource Center, Eufaula, AL

I have an ARIN magnet on my car.
    ~ Diane Sellers
       Kings Counseling Center, Hanford, CA




ARIN, Inc. and our affiliates encourage individuals and families affected by reproductive loss to have completed a recovery program PRIOR to
involving themselves in any type of speaking, leadership, legal, research or activism opportunity. See our Principles of Care for further information!

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